Beyond the Broadcast: Wars and Rumours of Wars

The Heart of the Matter

Standing on the dividing line between history and prophecy, one truth is constant—humanity relishes war. In the long, sad history of humanity, we have failed to learn the truth that war is a long-term, cruel business. The reality of this will come to complete fruition when the rotten fruit of total war becomes ripe and is picked by the Antichrist in the last days. Brought to the very edge of prophecy, the angel showed Daniel the cruelty of war between the successors of Alexander the Great on into the demonic warfare of the Antichrist. For us, what we see in history shows us the grim picture of what is to come for those who will enter the tribulation—inescapable worldwide war—without Christ.

Discovering the Way

1. Wars: The Ugly Facts of the Past

Scriptural and human observations agree that war is an ugly scourge on human history.

2. Wars: The Ultimate Campaign of the Future (Daniel 11:1–12:1)

Daniel’s vision of future warfare included the setup of two kingdoms, empires, and dictators (11:1–36); the wrap-up of the Antichrist’s style and strategy (11:37–45); and the mop-up (11:45–12:1).

Starting Your Journey

All our best efforts to end wars have been in vain. This was true of the past and is true of the future. So what can we do? We can share the peace that comes from knowing Christ and give those who might have to endure the real war to end all wars their only escape—a relationship with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

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