Beyond the Broadcast: Resurrection: Hoax or Hope?

  • Beyond the Broadcast: Resurrection: Hoax or Hope?
Beyond the Broadcast: Resurrection: Hoax or Hope?

“Many say that Jesus never died. And of course, if you don’t have a death, you don’t have a resurrection. No death, no hope.” —Pastor Charles R. Swindoll

During Jesus’ earthly ministry, His critics tried every scheme in the playbook to discredit His authority. Some accused Him of breaking the law of Moses. Others claimed He used Satan’s power rather than God’s. Few ever thought of Jesus as being anything more than just a man—definitely not God incarnate.

Although the gospel accounts in Scripture expose the errors of Jesus’ detractors, opponents of the kingdom of heaven still attack the King by dismissing the message of His Gospel. One main accusation levelled by skeptics today argues that Jesus never actually died on the cross.

While their argument may raise eyebrows, these skeptics have thought this one through carefully. If Jesus never died, then He never could have come back to life. And without His Resurrection, those who put their faith in Jesus have no hope of conquering sin and death with Him. If there is no resurrection, then there is no Good News.

But...what if Jesus did die and did come back to life? And there is a resurrection? And the message is true?

Thankfully, Scripture directs us from questioning what IF? to knowing what IS! Followers

of Jesus have the firm foundation of Jesus’ Resurrection upon which God calls everyone to place their hope and build their lives by putting their faith in the Son.

If Christ did not come back to life, then those who put their trust in Him have absolutely no hope. It’s as simple as that. But...He did come back to life, and now His followers get to experience all the hope that resurrection offers.

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