Beyond the Broadcast: Let's Talk About Our Walk

  • Beyond the Broadcast: Let's Talk About Our Walk
Beyond the Broadcast: Let's Talk About Our Walk

“Let the words ‘no condemnation’ stick to your brain. We are eternally secure in Christ.” —Charles R. Swindoll

We all have the same dream: to have a fulfilled life by reaching our maximum potential without conflict or stress. Who doesn’t desire greater balance and more consistency? Who doesn’t long to be less frustrated and anxious? But is it possible?

God’s answer is yes but the outworking of His answer calls for drastic changes in our mental attitudes and the breaking of long-standing habits. These alterations lead to an abundant life but are humanly impossible. We simply cannot pull it off, no matter how hard we try!

Battling sin results in weariness, hopelessness, and feelings of being trapped and condemned. But Romans 8 offers good news. The fulfilled life is divinely possible through the power of Him who lives within us. The secret lies in allowing God to take control and change our walk.

Believers in Christ are no longer under condemnation. In fact, God’s Spirit does for us what we could never do for ourselves. Believers are:

  • Eternally secure in Christ (8:1)
  • Internally free from sin’s dominion and the fear of death (8:2)
  • Righteous in our position before God (8:4)

The contrast between the flesh and spirit comes down to how we think. Walking according to the flesh results in a fleshly mindset and death (8:5). Walking according to the Spirit leads to a spiritual mindset and peace (8:6).

In response to Romans 8:1–10, three practical statements say it all.

  • A life lived without Christ leads to emptiness. Life devoid of Jesus leaves us hopeless
  • A life lived in the energy of the flesh centres on self. You can detect the carnal life at work by how much life revolves around you—your comfort, your desire, your plans, your importance, your pedigree, your degrees, your accomplishments
  • A life lived with the Spirit in control reminds us of grace. Grace keeps us humble and sets us free

According to Romans 8:9–10, who are “in the Spirit” instead of “in the flesh”? Are you in the Spirit or in the flesh? How do you know?

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