What If Your Boss is Unfair and Disrespectful?

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If you’re currently employed or were once engaged in the workforce, you understand what it means to answer to someone in authority over you. Since that’s true, you need no convincing of the value of a great boss…one who is caring, equitable, and respectful. In many ways, the relationships we have with those in authority over us determine whether we enjoy (or don’t enjoy) our work. It’s safe to say that all of us are aware of how difficult it is to carry out our responsibilities when the one we work for lacks thoughtfulness, understanding, and ethical integrity. This is intensified if the boss claims to be a Christian but does not carry out his or her responsibilities as a Christian should. When essential characteristics are lacking in those at the top, our otherwise enjoyable jobs (or callings) can become unpleasant and unsatisfying tasks, which creates a challenge to our attitudes. Being caught in the midst of that awkward dilemma forces us to ask: How should I respond to this kind of leader? To discover the surprising answer to this question, we must first examine the truth about our work as set forth in Scripture.