What If God Chooses You to Do Something Great?

Artwork for What If...?

Our Lord is full of surprises! His leading includes twists and turns, ups and downs, potholes and drop offs that initially shake us up. The fact that we rarely can guess the ultimate destination only adds to the adventure! God’s plans for us are often over and above what we imagine or desire…and our response is often reluctance. Yet God continues to stretch us beyond what we consider our limits.

The Bible includes numerous examples of individuals whom God used to accomplish great things, but rather than immediately embracing the challenge and trusting His enablement, they held back. They were unwilling to leave the shallow waters of the familiar to dive into the depths of His audacious plan, because they feared the unknown.

In this message, we’ll meet a man who felt that way—an obscure, 80-year-old shepherd whose failure broke his spirit and left him feeling “over the hill” and washed up. Little did he know—he was on the verge of something great.