If You’re Serious About Simple Faith, Stop This!

Artwork for Simple Faith: The Sermon on the Mount—A Study of Matthew 5-7

What’s the best thing to wear while listening to the Sermon on the Mount? A pair of steel-toed boots! Could any body of truth be more convicting than Matthew 5, 6, and 7? Without concern for how folks would react or what opinions they would form, our Lord declared His penetrating message for all to hear. His words cut like a sharp spade through rocky soil, leaving no stone unturned…and no listener untouched. Throughout history, the sermon has stood as a timeless, relevant rebuke. Today is no exception. The first five verses of chapter 7, though succinct and simple, pose a reproof to us every time we are tempted to judge others. May these words reach us, touch us, and strike at our hearts to bring to an end our long-standing and unattractive transgression of judging.