A Simple Counterstrategy: Shake and Shine

Artwork for Simple Faith: The Sermon on the Mount—A Study of Matthew 5-7

Influence…always a timely subject! We influence others when we direct them without exerting force over them. In numerous, intangible ways, we sway people’s opinions and modify their lives. It’s commonly called “impacting.” Parents impact children. Teachers impact students. Leaders impact organizations, teams, and nations. The media impacts our thinking. But much of the impacting we see today is either negative or temporal. Power-obsessed people abuse their authority, relying on money, prestige, or even brute strength to get their way. As Christians, we must focus on making a lasting impact for good—influencing others without resorting to force or other means of control. The crucial question is how? Jesus’ answer in Matthew 5 is still the best. Though His words are familiar, we must apply them with greater diligence and more confident faith. They work!