Journal of a Desperate Journey

Artwork for Living on the Ragged Edge: Coming to Terms with Reality

Living on the Ragged Edge is a study of the book of Ecclesiastes, and it’s for folks who live in the trenches—down there where it’s dark and dirty and full of responsibility, where the grit of reality mixed with the grind of accountability holds people’s feet to the fire. It’s for real people who cannot free themselves from the demands of competition or escape the pressures of deadlines. All the messages in this study will offer straight talk on coping with life as it really is.

No matter where you live, it isn’t long before you realize that you’re back on the ragged edge of reality…especially if you’re the type who wants to make a contribution to this world before you’re six feet under.

Solomon, David’s brilliant son who followed his dad as king of Israel, came to realize that nothing is worthwhile—everything is futile.