The Remedy for Our Disease

Artwork for Growing Deep in the Christian Life: Returning to Our Roots

We live in a society and day when blood is seldom seen in public. Surgical operations are done in secret, sterile places behind closed doors. Slaughterhouses are rarely visited by the average citizen. And apart from a cut finger or a rare superficial wound we don’t often witness the presence of blood. Most will spend their lives eating the meals made from animals they personally did not kill. It has not always been so!

In fact, in earlier times the slaughter of animals, the presence of blood, and the connection between these symbols, the sinner, and deliverance from that sin were common scenes…everyday affairs. Because we are so removed from all that, words and phrases like “sacrifice,” “shedding of blood,” and “altar” need to be explained and understood. By doing so, our appreciation for the cross where God’s Lamb was slain will be enhanced.