Standing Your Ground for Grace

Artwork for The Grace Awakening

Christ has set free His followers. No longer living under the law, no longer enslaved by the dominating authority of sin, and no longer plagued by a life of guilt and shame, believers are “truly free” (John 8:36). Jesus spoke openly of His desire to give us “a rich and satisfying life” (10:10). What provisions! What grace! Free in Christ, we are liberated from the shackles, released from the bondage of sin. Tragically, numerous believers do not fully live grace-based lives. Far too many Christians are uptight, inflexible, inhibited, overly cautious, and filled with fear. The reason isn’t difficult to understand. The relentless, joyless, intimidating, grace-killing message of legalism has eclipsed the Son’s message of freedom, leaving us victimized and paralyzed, obsessively concerned about what others may think or say or do. Let’s expose legalism for what it is and explore the toll it takes on those who were meant to be free but are, in fact, living like slaves.