Same Song, Eleventh Verse...Hope Beyond Snakebite

Artwork for Changing Wanderers into Worshippers: From the Exodus to the Promised Land

Do you ever get in moods where you see only half-empty glasses…only careless mistakes…only stupid decisions…as if nothing is going right in the world?

In Numbers 21, the Israelites started to focus only on their obstacles. They grew tired of God’s manna and griped against Moses. What’s more, they griped against God. So, He sent poisonous snakes to wake them from their disobedience! However, God also displayed abundant grace by providing them a means to be healed from the deadly snakebites.

Chuck Swindoll encourages us to live with eyes that see light and colour in God’s creation rather than darkness and gray. Learn to look to Jesus when your attitude dims. He will animate your spirit because He is the author and perfecter of your faith.