Proclaiming and explaining the truth of God’s Word

Dear friend,

A word I have heard a lot more lately and admittedly have used myself when describing the times in which we are living is the word “crazy.”

When people say everything today is crazy, it’s because they’re having difficulty understanding why things happen the way that they do. They struggle with things like abuse, illness, loss, injustice, hate, and death. They’re trying to make sense of what seems to be senseless. “Crazy” seems to be an apt description when other words fail us.

They feel like Cleopas who was discouraged and bewildered as he trudged down the Emmaus road in Luke 24:13–35. I imagine if we were able to speak to him and ask what he thought of all that had just transpired and culminated in the crucifixion of Jesus in the week previous, he would have used our word “crazy,” or its Aramaic equivalent.

Cleopas believed Jesus to be a good innocent man who had helped thousands of people. In fact, he’d pinned his hopes on Jesus as the Messiah who would rescue Israel from its oppressors. Instead, Jesus was arrested, mocked, beaten, and crucified at the demands of His own Jewish people. It was all crazy and I think Cleopas was packing it in and heading home, dismayed and crestfallen. The sun setting on that westward road out of Jerusalem was a fitting picture of his hopelessness.

But something happened that completely changed everything! Jesus showed up and walked with Cleopas and his companion and helped them understand that God has a plan that brings sense to this absurd, crazy world. Then Cleopas and his companion invited Jesus in to stay with them.

The problems in our world are ultimately because of humanity’s sin. But Jesus dealt with the sin problem by dying on the cross and being raised from the dead, defeating sin and death. And He is alive now to save and be present with all those who invite Him into their lives. God continues working out His plan to restore all things.

Insight for Living Canada is committed to proclaiming and explaining these truths from God’s Word. Just as Jesus was with Cleopas He has told His children, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” This is true especially when the world is crazy. He makes a difference in the life of any and all who invite Him in. And we are able to continue to proclaim God’s Word because you, and people like you, pray and give financially.

There are multitudes of people in our country who know nothing about Jesus. There are also multitudes of people who know about Him and have heard stories about Him but have not invited Him into their lives. And there are many believers who feel anxious about our world because they forget that our Lord has a plan and is walking with us.

The Word needs to get out there to believers and non-believers alike. Their needs are different but only the truth of God’s Word proclaimed can meet those needs. That is why Insight for Living Canada exists and why we need your ongoing support.

If this resonates with you, can I count on your continued support this month? We appreciate and use gifts of any size.

I don’t expect things in our world to change for the better. The need for Jesus and the truth of God’s Word will continue more than ever. Only because of the Lord and Scripture can we make any sense or have any peace in this sinful, crazy world.

Your fellow traveller,

Steve Johnson

Executive Director

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