Ministry Letter September 2016

I am not normally an excitable guy but I am really excited about our new website! Here’s why.

When I go online I want information I can trust and use without constantly having to filter it. And even if the information I find is trustworthy, many websites I’ve visited are a simply a content repository. It’s good stuff but I have to spend time scrolling and sifting through page after page to find what I’m looking for.

In the spring our website underwent a complete redesign. Our goal was to create a powerful Bible-study tool so users could easily find the trustworthy Bible teaching they need on the topics they’re interested in.

Here’s the problem: Insight for Living has been around for a long time. This means we have decades’ worth of relevant, valuable Bible teaching from Chuck Swindoll and Insight for Living. How can we make all this accessible yet avoid our site becoming just another overwhelming content repository?

Our solution: a resource library. We took each piece of teaching and organized it by topic, Scripture, author, series, and more. Our resource library is easy to search and combines the best of our audio, article, and video resources to give you a multi-media learning experience.

Now do you see why I’m so excited? This incredible resource is making a difference and it’s worth supporting.

The financial and prayer support we receive from ministry friends like you is put to use in practical ways like making solid Bible teaching more accessible to Canadians. Our vision is to equip one million Canadians with Bible-teaching resources and tools by the year 2020 and our website is one of the main ways we hope to achieve our goal.

Our responsive website was more than a year in the making and there is still lots more work to be done. Partner with us to make this vision a reality through your gift today.

Be part of something great!

Providing trustworthy resources,
Steve Johnson Signature
Steve Johnson
Executive Director

PS When you visit our new website make sure to give a gift towards helping provide Canadians with accessible and trustworthy Bible-teaching tools.