Ministry Letter May 2016

  • Ministry Letter May 2016
Ministry Letter May 2016

Children are important to Jesus.

Matthew records how Jesus called a child over and said, “And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me. But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea…. Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones” (Matthew 18:2, 5–6, 10).

Children need to be taught about Jesus and what it means to live for Him, just as adults do. At Insight for Living Canada we want to share biblical truth with young and old alike.

When you support this ministry you help make it possible for children across the country to listen to the music and stories of our children’s radio program, Paws & Tales, or watch animated DVDs teaching biblical truths in a fun and captivating way.

Parents and grandparents have found our Paws & Tales ministry not only helps bedtime and travelling go smoother, but makes theological truths real to children.

In a day when there isn’t a lot of God-honouring material available, Paws & Tales is an excellent and effective tool to teach children the truths of the Bible.

Please prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to Insight for Living Canada today. You not only make an eternal investment in Canadians here and now, you also make an investment for our next generation, impacting young lives.

Children matter to Jesus and they matter to us.

For young and old alike,
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Steve Johnson
Executive Director

PS Give a financial gift today and help us continue putting the truths of Scripture into the hands and lives of kids.