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Dear friends,

Our passion at Insight for Living Canada is getting the Word into the hands and hearts of people. Pam understands the importance of solid, trustworthy Bible teaching and shared her story with us by email.

Recently, I have been listening to Chuck again after many years of absence. I happened to hear a portion of a broadcast while driving late at night and was filled with laughter. Chuck has a way of making me smile. As a child and young adult Chuck's voice could be found in my home as my mother listened intently daily to the broadcast over a local radio station.

As she grew, Pam would listen occasionally to Insight for Living in her car. In her 20s she rededicated her life to Christ and would then listen to the program inside her own home. Hearing the familiar program again, years later, reminded Pam of the many blessings she experienced as a result of hearing Chuck’s grace-filled yet convicting Bible teaching.

What a blessing it has been to have been able to hear Chuck's messages replete with scriptural foundation, calm and soothing but direct and distinct. I have loved his manner and humour and have given thanks to God for such a man who demonstrates his faithfulness to God through his messages and ministry.

Pam’s story is just one of the thousands we’ve read or heard over our 35 years of ministry in Canada. These are people whose lives have been touched by the Bible-teaching ministry of Chuck Swindoll and Insight for Living Canada. When they were at low points we were there, teaching them how to gain sure footing through biblical understanding and spiritual guidance.

Will you give towards our fiscal year-end goal of $196,000 and help strengthen the impact of our work? We want to expand our reach and provide even more Canadians with the tools they need to not only read God’s Word but also absorb and apply it to their lives.

Committed to trustworthy Bible teaching,

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Executive Director

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