For now, we are living in the “already, but not yet” time

Dear friend,

Reboot—it’s a word I think of when one year ends and another begins. We set our calendars to January and the process of another year begins. It’s like when my computer crashes and I reboot to give it a fresh start. And just as I’m hopeful the computer will restart properly, for me a new year seems to come with a fresh hope of new and better things.

While a new year might feel like a new beginning, I know it really isn’t. The Bible says time had a creation and things are moving under the hand of God toward the final goal of the restoration of all things—the biggest reboot of all! (Revelation 21:5).

From the first promise of an offspring who would crush Satan (Genesis 3:15), God has been working in the world and in individual lives. He made more promises and is actively orchestrating their fulfilment toward the final goal. Then with the birth of Christ, God’s promises to restore all things took a quantum leap toward fulfilment.

For now, we are living in the “already, but not yet” time, a parenthesis between where some promises of restoration have been fulfilled and some are yet to happen.

While we are in this parenthesis, the Lord gave us the task of sharing His promises that bring about restoration. He’s promised things like a renewed heart (Ezekiel 36:26), restoration for those who have failed or strayed (James 4:8), a living relationship with Himself (John 1:12), and His return to take us to be with Him forever (2 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

It was for this reason God raised up Insight for Living Canada, and it’s for this reason we need your help. We need partners to help us accomplish this immeasurable task.

As we finish 2018, will you continue partnering with us? Your support today means we can begin 2019 with the financial resources to minister effectively.

I appreciate your commitment to this ministry.

By His grace,

Steve Johnson

Executive Director

PS Our December 31 financial goal is $435,000. Please prayerfully consider supporting Insight for Living Canada with a generous year-end gift.