"It was like discovering that I was not alone!"

Dear friend,

A listener wrote in and shared her story of moving from Colombia to Canada. It was a difficult transition and she often felt lonely, longing for the familiarity of home.

“I was desperately looking for the broadcasted Word of God and suddenly I heard the familiar music of Insight for Living. It was like discovering that I was not alone! I thanked God with all my heart! Since that day I listen to the program almost on daily basis. It really helped me through that challenging situation and many others.”

Stories like these remind me of why God raised up Insight for Living Canada and why we need your help. People come to this country in search of renewed hope and the promise of a new life. Hearing the Word of God through Insight for Living Canada can be part of their new beginning.

Our task is larger than any of us can do by ourselves, which is why we must collaborate. Will you continue partnering with us?

As I think about sharing God’s promise of renewal, I remember Insight for Living Ministries’ Vision 195 and the vision to cultivate biblical knowledge and its application worldwide. In Canada, our vision is to minister to the people here. To end 2018 in a strong financial position, we need to raise $435,000.

Can we count on your support so we can begin 2019 with the financial resources to continue effective ministry?

By His grace,

Steve Johnson

Executive Director

PS Through your financial gift today you’ll help us get the living Word out where it can make a difference and change lives.