What If You Talk Too Much?

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Honestly, do you talk too much? Do you find yourself saying, “I shouldn’t say this…” and then going right ahead and spilling it out? Do you promise to keep information shared in confidence, only to leak it a few days (or even a few hours) later? Do you spend too much time filling the air with words yet saying very little worth hearing? Worse, do you speak against others behind their backs and then say something completely different to their faces? Are you prone to outbursts of sarcasm, insults, and profanity…and then, only a short time later, to bursts of flattery, compliments, and insincerity? If these sound like your habits, you’re like the majority. Verbal restraint is rare—in fact, consistent verbal restraint is almost non-existent. No wonder the Bible has so much to say about getting our mouths under control! Few disciplines are more important or necessary than learning to bridle our tongues.