Chasing the Wind

Artwork for Living on the Ragged Edge: Coming to Terms with Reality

Boredom. Monotony. The unchanging drag of life is an inescapable, undeniable reality. Just look around. How many people do you know who regularly wake up each morning motivated about the day? How many individuals genuinely enjoy their occupation? Or anticipate a new week with delight? Or feel challenged and excited about their marriage? Or insert creative ideas and activities into their day to keep life full of zest and enthusiasm?

Aside from a few exceptional occasions, most folks live lives of quiet desperation. They see no future in their employment, little hope for their marriage, a lack of challenge in whatever pursuit they might undertake, and strong doubt that things will ever change. Life to most adults is nothing more than chasing the wind…empty, futile, purposeless, grinding boredom.

Such is one’s existence “under the sun.” And to make matters worse, not even the alleged enjoyments bring lasting satisfaction—vacations, travel, cruises, extravagant possessions, sexual escapades, delicious food, booze, professional entertainment, and a dozen others. When the brief excitement ends, the inevitable monotony returns. This is the bold, dreary message of this lesson.