Luke: The Physician’s Opinion

Artwork for God’s Masterwork, Volume 5: God With Us—A Survey of Matthew-Acts

Dr. Luke, Paul’s travelling companion, was probably the only Gentile writer of any part of the New Testament. His Gospel focuses on providing a complete account of the life of Jesus. Certainly, none of the other three evangelists gave us a more detailed or descriptive analysis of the Saviour’s birth, childhood, and manhood.

The physician, writing to the Greeks, revealed his own distinctiveness by:

  1. Showing an uncommon interest in various individuals
  2. Displaying an unusual emphasis on medical matters
  3. Giving a prominent place to women in his account
  4. Emphasizing the humanity of our Lord during His earthly pilgrimage

As we might expect, the first-century physician was extremely careful in both his research and the documentation of his facts. Luke’s keen interest in Christ’s teachings provides us with a wealth of insight behind the scenes of Jesus’ many parables.