Zephaniah: Bright Light in a Dark Day

Artwork for God's Masterwork, Volume 4: An Invitation to Return—A Survey of Hosea-Malachi

The men who spoke for God during the centuries before Christ were remarkable mixtures of severity and compassion. These prophets were among the most respected (and hated) people of their times. Such was true for Zephaniah, a prophet who was a descendant of the royal line of David and probably had greater influence on King Josiah than either Nahum or Jeremiah.

It is impressive that Zephaniah did not compromise his convictions even though he had access to the king. In the first section of Zephaniah’s book he announced sure judgment with a simple yet forceful style. Then, in the second section, he tenderly prophesied that God would send relief and blessings on His people. Through it all, Zephaniah emerged as a choice prophet in a long line of tough and tender men.