Micah: Advocate for the Poor

Artwork for God's Masterwork, Volume 4: An Invitation to Return—A Survey of Hosea-Malachi

It is doubtful the poor peasants of Judah ever had a stronger champion than fellow countryman Micah, the powerful preacher. Though neither as intellectually gifted as his contemporary Isaiah nor as popular as his peer to the north Hosea, Micah nevertheless defended the downtrodden with vigilant zeal.

He cared for his people and warned them of certain punishment if they refused to repent. For this reason, we should not minimize Micah’s importance or regard him as a mere shadow of the great Isaiah. No way! With a simple—yet courageous—style, Micah shouted out God’s strong reproofs to the rich, offered sympathy to the poor, predicted judgment upon all the ungodly, and told the truth—with the unflinching severity of the prophet Amos plus the deep compassion of the prophet Hosea.