1 Samuel: Nation in Transition

Artwork for God's Masterwork, Volume 2: The Story of God's People—A Survey of Joshua-Esther

Transition times can be disconcerting. Those who have gone through the remodeling of a home can testify to that! Likewise, changes in leadership at one’s place of employment or moves across the country or new policies and procedures set in motion bring the need to adapt. Being creatures of habit, we are disturbed by these changes.

What is true for us individually is equally true on a national level. Governmental changes affect our feelings just as much as they alter the stock market. For centuries, God governed His people Israel. Throughout His theocratic rule, God used His anointed leaders to govern His people. We call the final group of these leaders the judges. The last judge—Samuel—transitioned the nation into a new way of governance. After Samuel, Israel was led by a king—King Saul, the people’s choice. We will survey some of the changes that occurred during Israel’s transition from theocracy to monarchy…from God’s anointed servants to Israel’s appointed king.