Power, Power...We’ve Got the Power!

Artwork for Flying Closer to the Flame

How does one know that the dynamic work of the Holy Spirit is being manifested? With all the talk of “power this” and “power that,” must everyone know and experience some kind of ecstatic, edge-of-the-seat encounter of supernatural dimensions? Does being a Spirit-filled Christian require uncontrollable “urges” and unexplainable “unctions”? So much is being promoted and printed these days that leaves the impression these are the norm, not the exception. Is that true? Can a person who knows and loves Christ deeply walk with Him and glorify Him without speaking in tongues or regularly experiencing miracles or seeing visions? From the volume of literature that teaches otherwise, many would answer “No” without hesitation. But what does the Bible say? And, how can I know I’m a spirit-filled believer if I don’t experience such phenomena?