Strength and Dignity on Parade

Artwork for Esther: A Woman of Strength and Dignity

The events that led up to the first glimpse of Esther, the heroine of the book that bears her name, are nothing short of fascinating. The king had removed the former queen from the throne, a search had begun for her replacement, and the entire Persian Empire had become aware of the plan…a plan that would touch every province and affect “every beautiful young virgin” (Esther 2:3) in the kingdom. Little did the king’s attendants who devised this plan understand that the sovereign God of heaven was at work behind the scenes. The Lord caused Esther, a beautiful young Jew, to be among the finalists. In fact, as we shall see, she became the king’s selection, a decision that would later preserve the destiny of the Jewish race. Written within and between the lines of the verses are many of the qualities that caused Esther to find “favor in the eyes of all who saw her” (2:15). Such a rare blend of beauty, strength, and dignity! These are the qualities that interest us as we peer into this story. The encouragement of such is that these characteristics are not unique to that one lovely lady.