Discouraging Signs of a Dying Ministry

Artwork for Cultivating a Dynamic Ministry

We can’t judge a book by its cover…and neither can we determine the health of a church by its polished exterior. What looks appealing on the outside may be merely a varnished veneer that is concealing an unhealthy ministry.

How can we diagnose a dying ministry? By identifying the warning signs—the same signs that God revealed to Ezekiel regarding the shallow spirituality of the people to whom he ministered. Among the signs are a superficial interest in God’s Word without any intention of doing what the Word says and a focus among the leaders to entertain the congregation rather than feed the people the truths of Scripture.

Watch for these and other signs of sickness, and then follow the four critical action steps to revitalize a dying ministry that Chuck Swindoll offers in his message. With God’s help, any ministry can restore its health and vitality!