How to Help Our Nation Survive

Artwork for Can One Person Make a Difference?

What can we do for our country? We can pay taxes, vote, obey the laws, defend the nation against invaders. These are worthwhile contributions, but there must be something more—something deeper.

Today, our nation is fighting for its survival. Threatening us, however, are not the “usual” social diseases that torment underdeveloped countries—poor sanitation, poverty, starvation. Ours is a struggle of the soul, with cancerous sin spreading insidiously through our nation’s vital organs. Every day, another family collapses from compromised morality, another business dies from a lack of ethics, another young person falls because of weakened values.

What can we do for our country? How can we help our nation survive? These questions are too personal to be relegated to a president to answer. We must turn to our Maker for His wise counsel.