Flexing with a Future in Flux

Artwork for Can One Person Make a Difference?

The church has always been known for its resolute spirit. Built upon the solid bedrock of Jesus Christ and reinforced by the granite pillars of the prophets and apostles, the church stands on the plain of history as a fortress of truth.

Problems occur, though, when we think that because the church’s message is changeless, the church’s methods must be changeless too. How we worship becomes as important as Whom we worship. Eventually, we end up guarding our 50-year-old approaches to ministry with the same tenacity we use in defending Scripture. Viewing new ideas with a suspicious eye, we entrench ourselves in traditional routines and hunker down behind the concrete walls of our closed minds.

While the church stands still, however, the world moves on. How can we expect to make a difference in a rapidly changing world if we’re living in the past? Are we ready for the changes the future will bring?