Welcome to Wildwood!

The folks here live just like you and me. They love fun and adventure, enjoy their work and family, and try to learn each day what it means to be like Christ.

The Paws & Tales radio drama is heard over 120 times every week on nearly 90 radio outlets in Canada, as well as on the Internet. As a ministry of Insight for Living Canada, the mission of Paws & Tales is to help parents teach biblical theology to their kids through memorable, meaningful stories and music.

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Current Episode

November 27

The Captain of My Destiny

Matthew 16:25

Staci welcomes a new arrival to Wildwood and her whole world is turned upside down! Eunice McGruff convinces Staci that if you want anything in this world you have to make it happen for yourself. Staci likes what she hears, but what does God say?

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